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Here i will be replying the most common questions about Auto Posting Tools Software.

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Can i get a trial?

Yes you can get a trial version with all the functions activated. If you go the step 1 in the Product page, you can make your payment and it will have a cost of 10 Dollars. When you pay the 10 dollars you account will be activated and you will be able to use the software for 5 days. After the trial period you need to pay $45.00 per month if you want to continue using the software. It will change automatically to monthly payments after the trial period expire. If you do not wish to be charged please contact me before the 5th day to stop the monthly payment.

What is price?

The price is $45.00 every Month and they start after your trial period. If you want to continue using the software after the trial period you need to make your payment. We also have a one-off subscription of $150.00 dollars that will give you access to all features and it is just 1 payment only.

How many ads can i post a Day?

The software is design to post 9 ads per day. With 3 accounts. After the software finish posting 1 ad it will renew 2 ads in your Craigslist ads list. With this you should have 27 ads running per day. 9 that you post in that day and 18 that were renewed. After this 9 ads posted you can use a different profile and get another 9 ads, and so on until you use all your profiles.

How does the software Works?

You can see the following video to see the software working Click Here to Watch
The idea is very simple. You create a few ads for example i have 200 ads in my ads list. Everyday i activate the software before going to work so it will post ads while i am away, the software have established hours when the software will post (You can change them). When the schedule post is due, it will pick up a random ad from you ads list and it will star posting. After an Ad is posted it will renew the 2 ads from your Craigslist ad list. If you use proxies whenever it logins it will change the proxy and it will clean the cookies so you are considered a different computer every time.

How can i download the software?

After you make your payment of 10 dollars for the trial version, you will go to step 2 in the page of the product. There it will ask you, your email, your desired username and password and the extra features you would like to be added to the software. Once you fill out the information you will receive an email with the link to download the software. as well with your desired login information. At this point your account already be created but it will not be activated until the payment is cleared out. This can take from 1 hour to 48 hours because this is a manual process.
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Do i need Craigslist PVA (Phone Verifies Accounts)?

Yes, for the software to work properly and you do not have to receive an email for activating the ad. You need phone verified accounts, Look on the google for places where you can buy them, read the reviews of those sites. so you buy from trusted source. Also you can create them yourself, with your phone. I would suggest you to buy only 6 for 2 profiles and then if you see that they work and you want to post more. Then you can buy more Craigslist Phone Verified Accounts.

You can get them on google here: Click Here to Visit Google

How do i install the MSSQL Server Express (localdb)?
The software has a database file where it stores your ads, your accounts and many of the information that you need when you use the software. In order to read the file, you are required to install the MSSQL Server Express, this will allow the software read, write and access the database file. If you do not install it you will get an error message. You can solve it by installing the software based on how many bits is your computer, if you do not know how many bits is you computer go to my pc and then right click on an empty space and you will get a menu. Click on properties that will indicate how many bits is your computer.

32 bits
64 bits
Does the software is compatible with MAC?

No, the software is compatible only with windows, but that does not mean that you cannot run it in your mac, to be able to use it in your mac, you will need to install a software called parallel desktop. This software will allow you to create a virtual machine in your computer where you can install Windows 10 64 bits to run our software. We provide you with the instructions (in our manual) that you need in order to install the software in your mac.

Do i Need proxies?

If you want to post in other sites that is not your city then yes, i usually post in my city in the service section, lesson sections and many other sections but because i post only on my city and cities close to me. I do not need proxies. The proxy format should be something like this where the first 4 group of number is the ip of the proxy and the numbers after the semicolon (:) are the port number. You can search in the internet for places that sell proxies.

A lot of people have asked me where do i get my proxies, i get them here In the link you go and get proxies specific for your city. The price is 2.50 per proxy per month.

or you can get your proxies wherever you want but they need to work for Craigslist

How can avoid getting Flagged or Ghosted by Craigslist?

There are many factors that could trigger Craigslist to flag you. In general you should follow this guidelines.

You should not post to often in the same categories or cities
You should make your ads different (Do not post the same ad many times) (For this we have a function to spin the text, so you can create your own spun ads so you have a different title and a different body for you ads)
Use proxies if you want to post in different cities than your own.Check the content of your ads. Craigslist don’t like some type of ads. To check which ones check the terms and conditions of Craigslist.
Also make sure if you post many ads trough your same network to use proxies because the same network share the same external ip.
There are more reasons and we cover them in the software manual.

Can I SPAM with CL Auto Poster ?
Absolutely NOT! Spamming is not only a crime, but it is also against craigslist’s Terms Of Use. If your only intention is to clog Craigslist with junk ads then we do NOT want your business! This tool is for respectable users who have genuine interests in mind!

How does your program deal with ad flagging?
The CL Auto Poster uses proprietary technology to make each ad unique. In addition, when you purchase the program, you will receive a comprehensive User Guide. By following this guide, you have a MUCH better chance of keeping your ad from getting flagged.

Will everything work with the “push of a button?”

No. Our auto posting software helps you to make your mark but you need to realize that this ad posting software is a tool, not a magic bullet. With anything worthwhile, it takes a bit of work up front to achieve favorable results. If you are willing to put in some work, you can stand out and may be among the 5% who actually post multiple ads to Craigslist on a regular basis. Remember to treat posting like a business. Be smart and plan your ad campaigns.

How long is the normal wait until I receive the emails?

It depends on how busy is: from a second till an hour

I need more features. Can you suggest me anything else?

Additional features are added often and made available to subscribers automatically.

Do you offer add on modules for the posting software?

YES, a list of these modules can be found within software you will get regular updates.

What support is offered with the autopost tool?

We have a website with a lot of tutorials about the software. Click here to visit the website
Aside from the comprehensive User Guide and FAQ documentation, we have an internal ticket system build into the software for your convenience. This is handled directly from the programming team.