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Before paying please contact me to to see the requirements for your order.

Custom Software Development

I will build you a software that you can resell to your clients, it will be dedicated to 1 specific site and you will get the source code with comments so you can modify it if you need to. This is perfect for people who wants to have a tool to promote or add value to their main offer. The software can scrape, post calculate or anything like that. Before paying contact me to see if i can match your requirements.
You can make your money back by selling the software to your subscribers / clients / students.

Price: $300

Website Development | eCommerce Solutions | WordPress Web Development

i will build you a website of 5 pages where you can display your business information to your clients, we can add ecommerce if you want, we can integrate payments to your paypal account, forms where you ask your clients about information that you need to process their orders, about us, products, testimonies, contact me, job opportunities and more. You chose the 5 pages that you want. the website would be in wordpress so you can easily modify it later on. You need to provide your hosting information so i could install everything that need to be installed. this is perfect for people that dont have knowledge on building websites or that dont have time to build it themselves.

Price: $200

Technical Support

So you need help with your website, software, computer or you have a problem and you cannot solve it for yourself. Well i can help you solve your problem. I have worked on technical support for a long time so i have more than 10 year experience solving computer problems. So give me the change to help you. Please contact me to discuss your problem to see if i can help you. If i don’t fix your problem you don’t pay. The price may vary depending on the problem but most problems would be fix at $25 dollars.

Price: $25


So you have an idea or a product that you want to launch but you don’t know how to do it. Well contact me and we can discuss your project and i will give you the guidelines or steps that you need to follow in order to do a successful launch / product. i have made many thousand dollars online and i know how it works. so we can discuss your funnel or how we can make modifications to your actual funnel to increase your revenue. Pay this and you get 1 hour with me to help you set up everything

Price: $30

Video Marketing

So you want to promote your business trough video, because it generates a lot of traffic and make better conversions, but you dont know how to make a video. Well i can do the video for you with your images, products or information regarding your business. Tell me more about your project and i will help you with it. We can create your video and do some research for it so we can rank it fast on YouTube so you get many views and getting more clients. The best part about video marketing is that when you get your video ranked on YouTube you will get clients to your business on autopilot.

Price: $70

Graphic Design Services

So you need a banner or artwork to display on your website, craigslist ad or kijiji ad but you are not good at Photoshop or illustrator, you want a professional graphic design ad, image well i can provide that for you. send me the content of your ad and i will make it look pretty for you. unlimited reviews until you are happy with the final result.

Price: $70

This are other services that i can provide. Please contact me for more information.

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Google Analytics Integration
Google AdWords Solutions PPC
Mobile Application Development
Content Development
Web Applications
E-Mail Marketing Services
Logo Design & Branding